The Battle Yet Rages

For those of you interested, Daz has taken up the mantle of fighting the scientific infidel at his own site.  He and Mr. Hubbo have started a regular series of conversations on the existence of God.  Now, I know many here got pretty sick of that fight, but I salute Daz for taking this on.  It is a battle that should be fought, and thus far they have been excellent to read and well-reasoned in approach.   I have also enjoyed the more orderly arrangement.  Admittedly, we tend to get a little chaotic here with the  intertwining comments and replies, and the argument can get hard to follow.  In truth, Daz’s is a better method for this debate and I urge you to go there.  He has the power to arrange the arguments in a logical order and hit the high points one by one.

It’s difficult to comment on his site so I open this post up to comments you may want to make, but I also recommend dropping Daz a note to let him know what you think.  He’s doing a great job and needs to be commended.  En garde, Mr. Hubbo.  You’re in for a drubbing.

Damn.  And then I forget to link to it.  What an idiot I am.  Go here.

    • Paul in York
    • March 27th, 2011

    Great idea.. Not that I’ll be reading much of Mr Hubbo. I will be skipping to Daz’s little gems.

    • Grikmeer
    • March 27th, 2011

    Could you link to it?

    • yokohamamama
    • March 27th, 2011

    Absolutely– so far, Daz’ ripostes are brilliant. Ocassionally mildly snarky, but free of invective. He sticks to the points. Go there–read. Then stand up and cheer!

    • Dave
    • April 2nd, 2011

    Daz, I am totally gonna read everything you’ve written (ask KK, I read all his postings in a day), but it will have to wait. I am sprawled on the beach in Bali, and I’m not reading anything but a beer list or menu for the next week.

    Cheers everyone!

    • OOOOH! Beer list, beach, Bali… Damn alliterative paradise. Enjoy Dave.

      I, however, am facing yet another winter storm warning and if it’s anything like the last two, the entire state will be shut down for two days. Eventually, spring must come.

  1. I wasn’t going to comment on this, as it would’ve felt like blowing my own trumpet, but I have to report that I’ve been upstaged.

    Oddly, most of those arguments look eerily familiar…

    • And now I’m commenting again!

      Here’s my two posts on the subject. (The second is immediately below the one linked.) Mr Hubbo seems to have decided he doesn’t want to play anymore, so it looks like that’s the lot.

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